Irving Widelitz is the proud parent to two boys one of which was recently diagnosed with autism. Over the past 20 years he has worked raising funds for many non-profits including numerous autism non-profits with his company SEMG as well as bringing his corporate clients to help. He has now made it his mission to work tirelessly to help and become an advocate and fundraiser for Autism. 


Amada and Dean Giordano are the proud aunt and uncle of Caelan Doyle. She is a true example of what courage and determination is all about. In our eyes she is unique and gifted. Soon after her diagnosis we joined forces supporting her father and mother (Peter and Michele Doyle) and their journey to raise awareness and money for autism and assisting other families who are affected by this spectrum disorder. Our small part is to be advocates and fundraisers for Rescue our Angels and Generation Rescue. We are committed to paying it forward as we have been so blessed with Caelan’s recovery.

Michele and Peter Doyle  founded "Rescue Our Angels" in 2008 in honor of their daughter Caelan who is now 14 and was diagnosed with autism in November of 2006. Rescue Our Angels has raised over half a million dollars to help Generation Rescue give grants to support over 200 families who seek autism treatments. Autism rates have sky rocketed to affect every 1 in 50 children. Autism is the #1 childhood epidemic. Caelan has responded positively to bio-medical treatments and traditional therapies that have helped her get to where she is today. She has gone from being a non-verbal child to now acting and singing in her school musical! 

This event started as a grassroots effort to simply educate our family and friends about autism. Our first year we raised $8,000 and thought we had conquered the world. Year two we raised $25,000, year three $35,000, year four $80,000 as we started to have a red carpet with celebrities attending. Year five and above we have been able to raise well over $100,000 each year because we have grown thanks to all the attendees year over year having an amazing time and inviting others to experience a fun event for a great cause. All proceeds of our fundraising efforts go directly to Generation Rescue.

Julie and Matt Obradovic are the parents of three beautiful children, one of whom was affected by autism. Over the last ten years they have worked tirelessly through advocacy, fundraising, and political action to help improve the lives of their daughter and other affected children and families. Julie is a Contributing Editor to Age of Autism, a guest contributor to Thinking Moms Revolution, and has been featured in Autism File and Grand Magazine. She recently served as a consultant for the documentary film Trace Amounts, as an assistant to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and has advocated on a state and national level for autism. Julie's first book will be published this fall by Skyhorse Publishing. Both she and Matt are honored to return to the host committee for Rescue Our Angels 2016 and are excited to raise money for Generation Rescue and their important work. They know first hand, autism is treatable and recovery is possible! 

Martin and Denise Cody  are the co-founders of Cellar Angels, a socially conscious, internet based, wine company offering wine lovers a unique way to support extraordinary causes by purchasing their favorite Napa/Sonoma wines online.  Generation Rescue has been a loyal charity partner of Cellar Angels since 2010 and Martin & Denise, residing in Chicago, have been working closely with the Rescue Our Angels team ever since.  Supporting charitable causes and fundraising is in their DNA, but the ROA mission has become near and dear to them. It is through the journey of wine and philanthropy that a serendipitous introduction was made between the Cody’s and the Doyle’s. Martin & Denise’s goal is to raise awareness and funds through Cellar Angels and personal efforts to support families affected by autism.

Suzie Webster is mother of three children and long time friends of the Doyle family. Her twin boys were diagnosed with autism prior to age two and was fortunate to have met Caelan and her parents, Pete and Michele, in pre-school programs for children with developmental differences. Her boys, Sam and Ben, have taken this journey of healing from autism with Caelan evolving into the wonderful children they are today. It is an honor and privilege to once again play a role raising money and awareness for autism and Rescue Our Angels.  Autism may be a beginning but does not have to be the final destination.